Bemanda Technology Inc. envisions becoming one of the most dependable companies that provide cutting-edge Information Technology Training and Consultancy Services at an affordable cost. 

As a truly client-oriented technology company, we envisage ensuring that all Bemanda-trained developers have gotten all the necessary support to be the most competent in the job market, and even after they start working. Bemanda is determined to realize its core values, highly motivated Bemanda team, satisfied customers, and never compromised service quality.


Many students can follow their hearts in realizing their academic and career dreams. Cultural, Social and Economic influences are among the most notable factors contributing to engage ourselves in studies and/or careers that are not really our number one choices. Sooner or later, the call for following our best choices reveals. Still, a proper answer to the call depends on the individual’s commitment to overcoming any influence associated with the existing circumstances.

Here comes the mission of Bemanda: touching the lives of people to realize their personal and organizational dreams through providing them affordable life-changing training and consultancy opportunities in the field of Information Technology, empowering them for increased commitment for change and continue relationship with its clients to sustain their intended success in fulfilling their passions in IT applications.